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About Us

The Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre is a unique private physiotherapy clinic that focuses on the assessment and treatment of clients with dizziness and balance dysfunction related to disorders of the vestibular system (inner ear), central nervous system or general aging or deconditioning. We offer individual assessments from experienced physiotherapists to determine the cause of the symptoms. We are then able to provide a customized treatment program that can often be done independently at home. We pride ourselves in offering one on one treatment sessions with experienced professionals. Our staff is committed to continuing education and we strive to be leaders in this field. 

We understand the frustration that individuals encounter in dealing with these often subtle but debilitating symptoms. Our physiotherapists are able to effectively identify dysfunction through the use of objective measures and assessment techniques, as well as, the latest in diagnostic technology and testing. We recognize the importance of safety in mobility and the necessity of reducing falls risk and maintaining independence. We are committed to maximizing our clients function and safety and helping improve overall quality of life. 

Although we are independently owned and operated, the Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre is part of a larger healthcare facility that also includes Dartmouth ENT Associates, East Coast Hearing and the Snore Shop. All members of this unique healthcare facility are dedicated to working together to provide the most comprehensive care possible.