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Chairability Exercise Class

Benefits of Program

 ·          Even if individuals have a mobility impairment it is highly recommended that they maintain as high a level of fitness as possible in order to minimize secondary effects of the diagnosis due to disuse.
·         This will allow an individual an opportunity to maximize their functional capabilities and improve their overall quality of life.

Admission Criteria

·         Anyone with a mobility impairment is able to attend. The client should be able to maintain independent sitting balance either in a regular chair or a wheelchair. They should also be able to follow either visual or verbal instruction. 

Purpose of Program

·         To improve upper and lower extremity range of motion and strength, to improve trunk postural control in sitting and standing, to improve eye-hand coordination, and to improve overall fitness level.
​·         Clients are also provided with the opportunity to establish a social support network and receive education. 

Components of the Program 

Assessment -  An individual assessment is recommended to determine any specific problem areas and design an appropriate home program. 

Exercise Class - Held once weekly for 1 hour at the Cole Harbour Fire Hall (Mondays from 10:45 – 11:45) 

Education - Educational material is available from the physiotherapist. Information is also available concerning upcoming relevant events (i.e. fundraising, research updates, support group meetings). 

Social Support - An informal social support network exists among class participants. 

Communication - Referring doctors are notified in writing when their patient is attending class. The purpose and benefits are reviewed in this initial communication. 

Cost - The cost is $60.00 per 10 week session. Participants can join in a session at any time.

Online Stroke Exercise Class

Introducing an online exercise program designed for stroke survivors and others with balance and mobility concerns. This unique class was designed and is offered by Susan Ehler - a physiotherapist with over 25 years experience working in stroke and neurological rehab. This class is appropriate for many neurological conditions including Parkinson's, acquired brain injury and MS. 

Do you have difficulty accessing an exercise program?

Do you have difficulty staying motivated with exercise programs?

Are finances limiting your treatment options?

Participants have the benefit of:

  • Exercising in the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule

  • No need to worry about parking and traveling in inclement weather

  • Taking positive steps in their ongoing recovery

There is no cost to this program. Just go online to and click on one of ten 45 minute classes.